2470 – Purple Rain

It’s pretty stupid but: I don’t have Prince’s original version of this song. It’s not that I don’t have Prince albums, I just don’t have that 1984 album, but it’s embarrassing anyway 🙂

I have quite a few versions by other artists though. In “1672 – Purple Rain” I have used Randy Crawford’s cover version for an admittedly much better picture, but this image is all that I have today. Along with it I have another cover version of “Purple Rain”.

This time it’s The Waterboys. I have it on “The Live Adventures Of The Waterboys”, a 1998 release, although the songs were actually recorded on tour in 1986. At that time The Waterboys were a completely different band, but the 2013 version on YouTube is not bad either. But hear for yourself 🙂

By the way, the whole album is excellent. Get it if you can, at least if you like Dylan’s “Desire”. The Waterboys, that’s what I would have Dylan loved to sound like in 1984. Unfortunately that was also the year when I heard him live in one of his worst concerts ever 😀