2469 – Stations Of The Cross

The Green Cross is an organization similar to the Red Cross, only that it’s not red but … green? Not only that there is a Green Cross as distinguised from the Red Cross in Austria, no there is more than one of them, different organizations that make a point of not being connected with each other. At least this is mentioned like an important fact on their Wikipedia page. I guess I’m not supposed to understand it. Must have something to do with politics 😀

The Song of the Day is “Stations Of The Cross” from Elvis Costello’s 2010 album “National Ransom”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2469 – Stations Of The Cross”

  1. Sorry about July 14’th. I noted that the commentor who disagreed with your conclusion went right to a personal insult. No way to deal with a shift from the rational to the emotional. Especially when emotional folks don’t recognize a difference. But again, I apologize for climbing upon that box here. Again… Sigh…. 🙂

    1. Well, does not worry me, to the contrary, it’s interesting. This is the first time I got a comment by a reverend of a Baptist church 🙂

      He didn’t choose to disclose his identity, so I won’t either. But at least, from what he posts online, it’s clear now that he got irate over my statement about Bush, not Obama 😀

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