2455 – As A Flower Blossoms

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take images at a florist’s exhibition, or to be precise, at the exhibition of the 2013 Federal Florist Apprentices’ Contest.

This year it took place in a beautiful monastery a few kilometers from Villach. I tried it and I found it … challenging. This was for a few reasons.

The exhibition was a presentation of the best works from a contest. It was clearly meant to be seen, but obviously nobody had tried to make it easy to take images. Many arrangements were not opaque enough to block the distracting backgrounds. What you see here are some easy examples of dense pattern-like arrangements.

Lighting was generally bad, with painted, well-lit walls, big windows and comparatively cool light on the flowers. Thus in many cases the background was lighter than the flowers, often with warmer colors from incandescent light. I really had to avoid backgrounds at all costs.

But apart from those external factors I had one more fundamental problem: I am not good at photographing flowers. I just don’t do it very often, and as with everything, practice really, really helps.

So, here’s obviously a lot of room for improvement, but hey, there is always a next time, and next time it will be easier 😀

The Song of the Day is “As A Flower Blossoms” from the Pat Metheny Group’s 2007 album “Secret Story”. Hear it on YouTube.