2454 – Falling In Love Again II

Here is one more image of yesterday’s bridge.

Looks like HDR? Nope! This is an image from a single RAW file, taken with the D300. Obviously there is tremendous dynamic range in those files, and with Lightroom I can make use of it in a way I never could with Photoshop CS3.

That’s still nothing new though. What’s new is Lightroom 5’s clone stamp. Gone are the days when you needed to use lots of circular stamps to clone out irregularly shaped objects. Just paint over the area that you want to get rid of, let Lightroom suggest an area to clone (or heal) from, move the source area if you think so, probably repeat once or twice, and even wild distractions are gone in a way that’s hard to detect for a human viewer.

In this particular image I had ugly lens flares. Given the position of the sun, you can probably guess where they were. Now that I’ve told you, you may even find the exact spots, especially when you look at the full size on Flickr, but just imagine I hadn’t told you! Again, I could have done that with Photoshop CS3, although with much more effort, and what’s new in Lightroom 5 has already been in CS6, but still, if you remember how restricted image manipulation used to be in Lightroom, this is a big thing.

The Song of the Day is one more time “Falling In Love Again” from Bryan Ferry’s 1999 album “As Time Goes By”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2454 – Falling In Love Again II”

  1. I hadn’t heard much buzz about LR5, but it’s good that you’re getting some good use out of it. I’ve been looking, casually, at the list of issues, some seem kind of major, like losing sharpening on export; It’s been a very quiet release. I’ve not upgraded yet, but I can certainly say that just the ability to remove odd shaped items would be worth the upgrade!

    Lovely photo!

    1. Thanks. The sharpening issue does not bite me, because I export at full size anyway. My images then get resized by Flickr and by ImageMagick what I upload to my own server. Thus it’s a non-issue for me.

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