2453 – Falling In Love Again I

I have used Lightroom 5 for a while now, and in my efforts to catalog past works, I have reached December 2010.

Of course I often can’t resist trying how Lightroom copes with images that I’ve rejected for various reasons, sometimes only because I had too many other candidates, maybe due to a lack of time, but frequently also because Photoshop CS3 didn’t give me results that I felt confident about publishing.

Two things were remarkable in the two images of this post. The first is the lens correction for profiled lenses. The two images were taken with the Sigma 8-16, a profiled lens, and the geometry correction seems pretty accurate to me. Of course you can’t see it in the all-curved Image of the Day, but the other image has some lines that obviously need to be straight, and they not only need to, they are.

The second thing is dynamic range. At least the Image of the Day had extreme contrasts, that Lightroom was able to cope with with ease. I am sure I could have done the same thing in Photoshop CS3, but I couldn’t have done it so easily.

Both of these things would have worked the same in Lightroom 4. Profiles are nothing new and the new RAW process was already introduced in Lightroom 4 (and Photoshop CS6, I guess). We’ll see something unique to Lightroom 5 in tomorrow’s post though.

The Song of the Day is “Falling In Love Again” from Bryan Ferry’s 1999 album “As Time Goes By”. Hear it on YouTube.