2450 – Lions

Lions on doors. I think I’ve had a few in the past, but this is really an architectural detail that I’m rarely looking at. What makes them interesting (and different from each other) are the various phases of decay.

Sometimes I’m asked why I take images of decaying things and dilapidated buildings, and for me the answer is that in decay man-made things are gradually converted back into nature. With each step on that path, mass-fabricated parts, once impossible to tell apart, acquire individuality and character.

In this case there is another component, the patch above the lion, that seemingly once was covered by a sign. Something important was written on it, or at least for the owner it was important enough to put it on a sign and affix that on the door. Now the sign and the text and its meaning are gone, only the hint of importance remains. I like that 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Lions” from the 1978 self-titled Dire Straits debut album. Hear it on YouTube.