Jun 152013

Nice neighbors recently brought us these beautiful flowers as an unexpected present, and also unexpectedly I ended up with the job of taking an image of them. The flowers, not the neighbors 😀

If you look carefully, you can see where I have taken the image: on the glass ceramic cooktop in our kitchen. They are lit by indirect natural light and it took me two attempts in Lightroom to get colors and contrasts right. Well, what I consider “right” anyway 🙂

The Song of the Day is “The Flowers” from Regina Spektor’s 2004 album “Soviet Kitsch”. Hear it on YouTube.

  4 Responses to “2433 – The Flowers”

  1. Nice job on the lighting Andreas. Makes for quite an exquisite shot and I am not usually a fan of flower shots.

    • Neither am I 🙂

      But it’s true, I think it’s not a bad job, because the whole tonal range is contained, detail is visible in the highlights, and there is still plenty of contrast. Took me a damn long time 😀

  2. For me it’s fun and joy to watch your photos every week. Since more than 45 years I am reading everything what is available (for me) about all kinds of photography and photographic topics. I am searching every day in the internet for interesting news, interesting photographers and their work. In my life I have taken many 10.000 of pictures myself, I am (better: was) also collecting photographs from famous (beginning with A, like Ansel Adams) and also not so famous photographers, if I liked the pictures. Nowadays I am reducing the time, reading, looking, etc., and I am trying to concentrate on few intersting sites like yours, books, pictures. I have found your blog by chance via a link on a blog from Far East some months ago and now I am a little bit caught by your pictures, which have for me a very special character, which cannot be seen at a first glance.Theyt seem to be “only” everyday pictures . But I have the feeling, there is a second layer behind the “curtain”, which brings my interst up. I like you pictures, also your thoughtful comments about this and that, and last but not least I am also surprised about you stunning choice of music, you are linking with the titles of your photos.

    • Franz, thanks and welcome to my blog. Glad you like it, and sorry for not being very responsive at the moment. I try though 🙂

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