2427 – All Along The Watchtower

I’ve had a lot of expenses lately, therefore I am not really looking for photo equipment anyway, but even if I were, there seems to be nothing that I desire. Yes, fast lenses like those f0.95 beasts, that have appeared lately, could make for interesting bokeh, only I am not interested in the associated weight. Wider than the 12/2.0, I’ve had that and it does not inspire me these days. Most lenses longer than my cheap 40-150 are either heavy or sub-par at the long end. Really, I currently don’t know what to wish for, and that’s a pleasant state of being 🙂

No, it’s not a watchtower, it’s not a tower at all, but it gives me the excuse to present you one of the more interesting versions of Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower“. Hear XTC on YouTube.