Jun 032013

This bike stands in Villach in front of a shop having only purple goods. That’s an interesting business model, but it seems to work. At least I have seen the shop for two or three years now 🙂

In the meantime I have cataloged the whole year 2011 in Lightroom. All images published on my blog in the last two and a half year are also on Flickr now – in full size.

Let’s see, I began this blog in 2006, that means I have only five more years to catalog, and then … oh dammit, that’s depressing! Anyway. Progress is slow, but that was to be expected. Given my spare time I am surprised that there is any progress at all 😀

The Song of the Day is the Tom Waits composition “Purple Avenue”, interpreted by Holly Cole on her 1993 album “Blame It On My Youth”. Hear it on YouTube.

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