2445 – Upright Come

My decision last year to buy into Lightroom and use it for the bulk of my processing and to replace iMatch as my DAM system, that decision had been thoroughly considered, and just rightly so. I am still not through cataloging my past work, in fact I’ve only gone back to 2010 so far. Obviously I’ve made a big investment in Lightroom, and much more in time than in money.

Therefore it may not come as a surprise to you, that I have bought the upgrade the first day the final was out. If you are a Lightroom user and are not sure if this upgrade is worth the money (hint: yes), I strongly suggest the “Luminous Landscape Advanced Guide To Lightroom 5“. It’s not as comprehensive as the “Introduction & Advanced Guide to Lightroom 4“, but it builds on that and only covers the news in Lightroom 5. Michael Reichmann and Jeff Schewe really know how to present that stuff. It’s entertaining and informative, split up in a series of short videos, and that makes it easy to come back for reference at any time. Mandatory.

This image of a church tower, taken from the ground, is one where Lightroom 5’s new “Upright” feature comes handy. It’s not pure magic, but it works in many situations brilliantly, and in many more it saves you at least some work, before you finish up using manual controls.

The Song of the Day is “Upright Come” from Patti Smith’ 1999 album “Gung Ho”. Great music from one of America’s greatest artists. Hear it on YouTube.