2412 – Dandelion Blues II

Today I saw some images of meadows covered all over in yellow dandelions. I saw them on Juha’ photostream on Flickr and that allowed me a relatively accurate comparison between the climates of southern Finland and Austria. We had exactly the same meadows between about three and two weeks ago.

But then, maybe it’s all different. This year winter lasted unusually long and even this weekend we had temperatures below ten degrees Celsius and fresh snow on the mountains. Hmm … as far as I remember, last year I was swimming at or around the first of May.

The Song of the Day is “Dandelion Blues” from the 1966 self-titled Incredible String Band album. Hear it on YouTube.

One thought on “2412 – Dandelion Blues II”

  1. Indeed, dandelions are now coloring fields and streesides here in Finland, seems to be an excellent season from them. Here the temperature has been hovering at about 13-18 °C, but next week it seems to be getting warmer. A year ago we went swimming during evenings, but now it isn’t at all tempting.

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