2402 – My Ever Changing Moods

I’ve recently found myself less than impressed by Google. Having been an avid user of Reader, I was left out in the cold when they announced their intention to shut the service down. As a result I use Feedly now.

A few days ago I found that Chrome had begun to crash frequently on Linux, at least on my workstation, and so I had the idea to try switching to Firefox as my main browser.

I had been an Opera user for years and Firefox was never my main browser, so I am not sure why I didn’t try going back to Opera. In any case I didn’t, and now I have set up my workstation, my laptop, my phone and my tablet to all use Firefox as their primary browser.

It works on Linux again, Firefox 21 on Android is working just fine, and on Windows I see much less memory consumption. Everything is tied together by Firefox’ synchronization service. Bookmarks were imported from Chrome on my laptop and then synced to all other devices. Neat 🙂

The Song of the Day is “My Ever Changing Moods“, originally from the 1984 Style Council album “Café Bleu”. Hear it on YouTube.

One thought on “2402 – My Ever Changing Moods”

  1. I switched from Firefox to Chrome last year, due to stability problems, and version updates which seemed to cause compatibility problems. I have been happy with Chrome, but maybe Firefox has matured since then. Anyway, it is good to have working alternatives. Memory consumption is a worry, as all my computers start to be quite old.

    Feedly has proved to be a good alternative to Reader, I’m happy with it so far.

    One worry is the potential hazzle the service-providers can cause to users by their actions. Recently my Twitter account got suspended for some strange reason, and it took three days to re-gain access. No explanation was provided by Twitter why they suspended the account. I guess some automatic system of theirs decided I’m have too subversive opinions to be allowed to use Twitter. 😉

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