May 102013

Vienna always pictured itself as a city at a river, but for a long time this was not really true. It was near the river Danube, but the river didn’t run through it, like for instance the rivers in London, Paris, Rome, New York or Prague do.

Things began to change in the last decades, but although the “other side” of the river can now be thought of as being a genuine part of Vienna, and although the focus of development today is north of the Danube, progressively shifting the weight, there are still some parts of rural river area left, protected in a National Park “Donauauen”.

This is the post for Wednesday, a day when I hardly took any photographs. Instead I show you two tranquil images taken a couple of days before in exactly that National Park.

The Song of the Day is “Down By The River” from Neil Young’s 1969 album “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere”. Hear it on YouTube.

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