2387 – Halfway Up The Stairs

This is the post for last Tuesday, April 30, and the image was really taken that day in Vienna.

To be honest, it’s not halfway up, it’s halfway down the stairs, but we won’t be picky. It gives me the opportunity to link to “Halfway Up The Stairs”, another song by Sixto Rodriguez, taken from his second album “Coming from Reality”.

Like probably most people outside his neighborhood, South Africa and Australia, I didn’t know him before I saw “Searching for Sugar Man“. It’s such a crazy story and most people instantly react like “That must be made up!”. It’s not and it is good to know that those things still happen. At times 😀

Hear the song on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “2387 – Halfway Up The Stairs”

  1. Well, I guess this is a case of from what direction you look at the subject – as they say, the camera looks both ways. 😉

    A fine capture!

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