2386 – Forever Shall We Wait

Last Sunday’s nightly commute to Vienna came with a twist, or maybe I should say with a turn. I had to return midway, and because I still needed to be in in my new apartment in Vienna on Monday at 9:00, I took the car early in the morning. But that was later.

My last chance to leave the train and actually have a connection back to Villach was Knittelfeld, a small town in Styria, about one third of way from Villach. I left there and then had to wait 40 minutes for the train from Vienna to Rome. This is how I discovered this old wooden shelter, that has been gracing the railway station for more then a hundred years. It’s a small wooden building the size of a bus shelter, and if you look at the full size, there is an old photo hanging on the wall, showing how it looked like, when the railway line was still called “Kronprinz Rudolf Bahn”, named after the Archduke Rudolf, son of Emperor Franz Joseph, who died from his own hand in Mayerling.

There is a year in the caption of the image. I read it as 1879, but even at 3:1 magnification in Lightroom I am not completely sure about it. Anyway, for a night image taken at an effective focal length of 150 mm, ISO 1600 and handheld, it is a pretty detailed image 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Forever Shall We Wait” from the new Leisure Society album “Alone Aboard the Ark”. I could already buy it via Amazon.de, while Amazon.com will start selling it from July 2. Heaven knows why they do that. Maybe it’s to better bitch about music piracy. Oh well! Hear it already on YouTube.