2372 – Living In Domes

It’s Sunday and I am on the train back to Vienna. What? You say you’ve heard that before? Hmm … well, yes, that’s exactly how the last post started. A week without posts! Oh my.

Here’s an image for last Monday, along with an interesting fact that I read today in a newspaper supplement (incidentally also a week old) about “Luxurious Living”:

Top prices in Vienna, at least for top apartments in the best places right at the center, have long hovered around 15.000 to 20.000 Euros – per square meter (for the imperially impaired: that’s around 9 square feet). Currently the 25.000 Euro limit is tested and 30.000 Euros is the target.

So now, what do you think, who’s able to pay that much for living? Are they all “performers” who deserve what they earn? And if not? And what does that say about a society that desperately tries to ban the increasing number of beggars and homeless from its streets?

The Song of the Day is “Living In Domes” from the 1986 Redbox album “The Circle & The Square”. Hear it on YouTube.