2368 – Hiding In Shadows II

There is a bicycle hiding in the shadows. Can you see it?

This image for Thursday was really taken on Wednesday near Vienna’s City Hall. The City Hall itself and all buildings around it are relatively new, slightly more than 100 years old. They are in a place where up to the Napoleonic wars were fortifications and exercise grounds. During the French occupation the city’s walls were torn down and for a period of fifty, seventy years the area was used for all kinds of representational buildings. You find there museums, the Parliament, the University, theaters, opera houses and the City Hall, all copying various architectural styles, from ancient Greek to Gothic, Renaissance to Baroque.

The City Hall is faux Gothic. It’s not the exact place where I (still) work, but it is nearby. Wednesday morning the sun shone brightly into the arcades, producing harsh shadows. I made a few other, more revealing images of the bike, but this is my favorite.

The Song of the Day is “Hiding In Shadows” by Peter Green and the Splinter Group on their 1999 album “Destiny Road”. I’ve used it at least once in “604 – Hiding In The Shadows“. Hear it on YouTube.