2362 – At The Parallel

It’s not exactly image making time. Friday I didn’t, so this is an image taken yesterday.

Well, actually I could have taken at least an unusual image, maybe not unusual in an absolute sense, but unusual for Villach anyway. In the morning, in a meadow just around the corner, where there’s still some water standing from the meltdown of the recent snow, I saw a group of four storks. They are not uncommon in Austria, and even in Carinthia there are one or two places where they spend summer, but Villach is not one of them.

I didn’t take the picture. Weather had been so unfriendly, that I had left the camera at home. When going, I had shortly considered taking it with me, but then, in that weather, there couldn’t be anything worth taking pictures of. Oh dear, this should teach me 😀

The Song of the Day is “At The Parallel” from the 1992 Vaya Con Dios album “Time Flies”. Hear it on YouTube.