2360 – Winter Was Hard

It’s April, in less than a month the swimming season in Austria officially begins, yet Winter clings to us this year.

The Image of the Day has been taken this morning. At the moment I am on the train to Carinthia, rolling though a winterly mountainscape. Only the fact that it is still day (sort of) betrays the time of year. In a few minutes, when I have finished this post, I shall lean back and read on in my journey through Jack Vance’s “Lyonesse”. If you’ve never read it but consider medieval fantasy an option for your entertainment, try it. You won’t be disappointed.

The Song of the Day is “Winter Was Hard” from the 1988 Kronos Quartet album of the same name. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2360 – Winter Was Hard”

  1. It’s probably just so, that we value the first spring days better. Isn’t it impressive how anticipation of improvement makes the time pass sloooowww, while living the beauty makes the time fly? It’s good to see you still are able to find the silent, small, beautiful details in a mundane situation. That should make your time fly and spring be right around the corner.

    all the best

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