2359 – The Part That Really Matters

Photography is a matter of framing reality, right? But what’s reality? From the solipsistic extreme of everything existing only in my mind (mind you, mine, not yours :)) to the idea of (one?) God’s creation, pre-determined by his (her? their?) will(s), everything has been believed, and there it is how photography nicely meets philosophy, because all those philosophic views on the nature of reality are nothing but frames, drawn by our minds.

This is what makes agreement so hard to achieve, but at the same time it is a never ending source of creativity. And strife 😀

On the other side, knowing about how vague the very concept of reality is, makes it easy to let go of the idea of photography having to closely resemble reality – or anything at all. Although I guess we can agree on the way light is used in photography to create an image, if reality is fickle, it does not really matter how close to it we come.

And once we are at that point, there is freedom 🙂

The Song of the Day is “The Part That Really Matters” from the 1987 Proclaimers album “This Is the Story”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2359 – The Part That Really Matters”

  1. Nice post Andreas, one I can relate with 🙂

    Plus, I like the impact created in the main photo. I like the composition combined with the depth of field choice you made. I mention this mostly because it fascinates me to see what type of image catches my eye. This image is the kind that stops me and makes me look and yet I imagine most people would not give it a second glance (and I don’t mean to be rude here, I hope you understand what I mean). It is the kind of image I would not hesitate to put on a wall in my house. More so than some pretty landscape or other such work.

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