2355 – When Day Is Done

I had a week off, using all time working in two apartments, and now, with this image taken yesterday early evening, I am off to Carinthia. This is the last post for today, the Easter weekend is predicted to be rainy, just as today has been, but that doesn’t bother me at all.

A few days ago I have started to read Jack Vance’s “The Complete Lyonesse”, an omnibus edition of his Lyonesse Trilogy, about 1000 pages, and at least the first 37 were pure pleasure.

I’ve owned a few of his books in German translation for ages, but I’ve never actually read them. Only last year I read his “Dying Earth” stories. Now, amid all that work with moving, it was time again for some fantasy. I set high hopes in Vance’s masterpiece, and just rightly so. It immediately gripped me and enchanted me. Reading is how I’ll spend the remaining two hours of this train ride to Carinthia. Have a good night!

The Song of the Day is “When Day Is Done” by Mildred Bailey. Hear it on YouTube.