2348 – Just A Friend Of Mine II

I first used this title an eternity ago in “783 – Just A Friend Of Mine“, and there I spoke about expertise and how you get better in doing things by doing them. I said there’s always room for improvement.

Well, I was right 🙂

When I see that image of the bicycle that accompanied that post, I can only cringe. How could I have missed such an obvious opportunity to anchor the subject in three corners? How could I have missed how awkward the bike hangs in the frame?

But anyway, this tree, photographed and featured on this blog a couple of times, is another friend of mine. Just a poser, I might say. Every time I pass by, I feel the urge to take an image. Once or twice a year I do 😀

The Song of the Day is “Just A Friend Of Mine” from the 1987 self-titled Vaya Con Dios debut album. Hear it on YouTube.