2335 – The Other Side Of The Coin

The image for Saturday was actually taken on Friday. I had arrived from Vienna very early, and because of the sunshine I decided to drive around and take a few pictures.

It was an ill-fated attempt and nothing came from it, until on my way home I saw the pattern of the sunlit stalks on this snow-covered field. I had a certain image in mind and I knew the 45/1.8 would be ideal for it. I left the car, taking not even another lens with me.

When I tried to take the image, I was surprised to see the wrong lens mounted. It was the 17/1.8, a completely different angle than I had intended, but instead of going back and changing lenses, I thought I could as well try what I can do with that lens.

In the end it turned out to be a lucky decision, because only seconds after that image the sun vanished, never to be seen again that day.

The Song of the Day is “The Other Side Of The Coin” from Solomon Burke’S 2008 comeback album “Don’t Give Up On Me”. Hear it on YouTube.