Feb 102013

Here’s one image of a lone magpie resting on a tree across the street. Thursday morning it sat there long enough for me to take several images.

No images were taken on Saturday though. I was busy buying a new washing machine, installing it and getting rid of the defective old one 🙂

The Song of the Day is not exactly a song at all. It’s the overture to Gioachino Rossini’s opera “La Gazza Ladra”, famously used by Stanley Kubrick in “A Clockwork Orange”. If violence disturbs you, I suggest you’d better avoid the two scenes from the movie where it was used so brilliantly.

  4 Responses to “2307 – La Gazza Ladra”

  1. Great shot. I like the subtle blue sky and the bird gave you a perfect pose.

    • Well, the sky was pretty problematic. The camera’s exposure automatic had underexposed the sky, with the result of a beautiful sky gradient. Lightening the image destroyed the sky, thus I had to work selectively and be careful not to create unnatural halos. Let’s say that there is much more work in this image than the result would make you expect 🙂

  2. Nice shot, Andreas. It’s nice when the birds stick around for a shot or two.

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