2306 – Right Place Wrong Time

The idea to take yesterday afternoon off was not particularly bad, it’s only that right after I had decided to do so, the sun decided to hide behind clouds. It looked better eastwards and around Lake Ossiach, but when I arrived at the northern shore, the clouds caught up and I could only wish I had chosen the southern side. But then, it’s not a long way around, and so I tried my luck once more, only to run out of it again. Really, the very moment of my arrival in Ossiach, the sun sank into muddy clouds in the west, never to be seen again that day.

Here’s an HDR, the best I could do, same process as in the last post, only this time without color problems 😀

The Song of the Day is “Right Place Wrong Time” from the 1973 Dr. John album “In The Right Place”. Hear it on YouTube.