2300 C – All Of A Sudden III

Actually I couldn’t decide at all. While the image in the last post was taken at f4 and simply using autofocus, this one was taken at f1.8. Due to the dense snowfall I had to focus manually, and due to longitudinal CA I found it preferable to process the image in B&W.

Longitudinal CA, you ask? With that wonder lens? Actually yes. It is not much, completely normal for such a fast lens, and normally you don’t see it. When on the other hand there is almost no color in the image, then even the tiny traces of CA tend to become visible.

OK, this is the last image of yesterday. I have held the two snowfall images back, because I had no idea if there would be any images today. I can assure you though, there are plenty 🙂

For the last time the Song of the Day is “All Of A Sudden” from Bette Midler’s 1990 album “Some People’s Lives”. Hear it on YouTube.

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    1. Well, it’s plain photography. Of course I’ve adjusted contrasts, added a slight white vignette and sharpened the image, but that’s it 🙂

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