2294 – Cold, Cold, Cold

Finally we have arrived at today’s image. It is Sunday night, I am on the train to Vienna and this is an image taken in the morning.

It was taken in the empty parking area of the shopping center around the corner. On Sundays it’s all closed with the exception of the baker’s shop. That’s where I had gone for breakfast.

The image is an HDR, five bracketed exposures, developed in Lightroom, exported as 16-bit TIFFs, merged to a 32-bit HDR in Photoshop, without further ado stored as 32-bit TIFF, and finally processed in Lightroom again. Sounds much more complicated than it is. In fact this is probably the most enjoyable way to create HDR images, at least if you already have Lightroom and Photoshop.

Oh yes, a little bit of split toning was used as well 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Cold, Cold, Cold” from Dr. John’s 1973 album “In The Right Place”. Hear it on YouTube.