Jan 242013

This is an image that I made on my way to the train today. I didn’t have much time, I saw the glass and the stairs behind, the reflections and the distortions, and in ten seconds I had the image.

Out of the camera I didn’t think much of it, but honestly, there was not much choice, thus I began working on it, and voilà, in the end I really, really like it 🙂

Sorry for not being very responsive these days, it’s not arrogance or that I don’t value your comments, much to the contrary, but I still don’t feel too well. I’m cycling through all variants of an influenza, currently the cough is gone and I have a sore throat, but I really hope this will get better soon. Meanwhile it just has to go on 🙂

The Song of the Day is “It’s All Going On” from Marc Almond’s 2010 album “Varieté”. Hear it on YouTube.

  4 Responses to “2290 – It’s All Going On”

  1. I like this picture a lot as well. I feel in tune with it (if that makes any sense). Hope you get better soon Andreas.

  2. Nice capture. Very cinematic. Feel better soon.

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