Dec 142012

It was pretty easy to guess, right? Well, one more gap in my equipment closed 🙂

You really can’t say I plunged into that Micro Four Thirds business. I tried it tentatively with the E-P2 and its humble 17/2.8 pancake lens, but as soon as I found I liked the system, I began to buy the cheap but good stuff, the two Panasonic pancakes, the 45/1.8 and the very capable plastic wonder, the Olympus 40-150 f4.0-5.6 R.

At that time I already put the 17/2.8 away, as I knew I would sell it with the E-P2. I had already seen Robin Wong’s review of the OM-D (beginning here) and I was hooked.

The OM-D turned out to be everything I had hoped for, and then some. It was clear that I wouldn’t ever go back to DSLRs, but as always it took me some time to realize it and then to follow the voice of reason.

I finally sold the E-P2 in early August, and in September I began to sell my Nikon Equipment. The proceeds I immediately invested in top Micro Four Thirds glass.

Currently I have the Sigma 8-16 for sale on eBay, and while shallow DOF is pretty much covered with the Panaleica 25/1.4, the 45/1.8 and of course the 75/1.8, while even macro is covered, at the wide and the long end there were significant gaps. The 12/2.0 is a fine, beautifully crafted lens, but from the Sigma 8-16 I am used to having an ultra-crazy-wide lens available, and that was severely missing.

Yesterday I got the Panasonic 7-14/4.0. It is not as wide as the Sigma 8-16 on APS-C (equivalent to 12 mm!), but an equivalent focal range of 14-28 mm is still impossibly wide.

So far I am very satisfied, except for one thing: at 7 mm the autofocus is pretty bad in low light. We’ll see how the lens does after a firmware update tonight. Optically it’s top notch anyway, at least as good as the Sigma and that already means a lot.

The Song of the Day is “Wide Boy” from a great a-capella album that was not available for a long time: The Flying Pickets and their 1982 album “Lost Boys”. Hear it on YouTube.

  7 Responses to “2250 – Wide Boy”

  1. Well, you certainly have now the wide angle cornered! Fine viewpoint, I was first wondering are we going here up or down.

  2. It is interesting to watch the transitions of various photographers as they move to smaller cameras, ditching the DSLR. For now, I’ll hold onto mine because I still like the larger sensor, depth of field control, and the tripod even though I probably do that kind of photography only about 20% of the time.

    Recently, while on vacation, I saw an OM-D and my interest was piqued, to be sure; however, since I have the NIkon P-510 and it does all that I need, I’m not in the market … at this time.

  3. Here’s something to wet your appetite, I’m using a Tokina 11-16 on my OM-D with a shift adapter. And because I always crop to 1:1, or at worst to 6:7 format, it’s very sharp. I’ve also got the 7-14 plus both the f2.8 zooms. My wife has gone down the prime route like you. It’s a great system and I don’t miss my full frame DSLR at all.

  4. Like Juha, I too wondered for a while whether I was going up or down! Very interesting POV and “Dutch” angle.

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