2249 – This Little Light Of Mine II

It’s Friday. Like always on the train I’m trying to work off my backlog. This is the post for Thursday.

The image was taken in the entrance hall of the Institute for Computer Science at the Technical University of Vienna. Well, you get old when you realize that your institute has been moved more than ten years ago and you never even heard of it. I was there to meet the seller of an item that I bought at eBay the day before. I was early, so what better could I do than take some images?

You’ll hear more about that item in the next post, but I think you already have an idea what class of item I’m talking about 🙂

The Song of the Day is one more time “This Little Light Of Mine” from Bruce Springsteen’s “Live In Dublin” album. We had it some time ago, but it can’t hurt to hear it from time to time. Enjoy the video on YouTube.

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