2241 – I Got Stripes I

Really, I’m not a B&W person. Never was. Maybe I am too young for that, maybe I started taking photographs too late in my career, whatever it is, B&W was always an afterthought for me.

I remember my father had a Voigtländer camera, probably with a fixed lens, for some reason I suspect it was some variant of the Vito Automatic, but I’m really not sure. At the age of around 12 I used it for a couple of months until it broke. I don’t remember any guilt, maybe it just broke by itself, maybe only my memory fails me selectively.

Whatever it was, this was a camera that I used with B&W film, and this camera was really, really sharp. I know, not only because there are some photos left, but also because I remember my disappointment with the first color film images that I made with a Minolta point-and-shoot, maybe ten years later.

But still, I never was a B&W person. Never. I always appreciated good B&W work, but it was never my own way of seeing.

The Song of the Day is “I Got Stripes” from Johnny Cash’ “At Folsom Prison” album. Hear it on YouTube.