2240 – Stuck In The Middle

Even when I’ve set the camera to it, sometimes B&W works, sometimes it doesn’t. Here it didn’t.

Btw, I’ve now set “MySet1” to my normal settings, i.e. for color shooting, “MySet2” for HDR bursts and “MySet3” for “B&W, Orange Filter”.

Normally you switch between the presets by diving down into the menus, but I have reserved one function button (Fn1) for temporarily switching to another preset. While I am in “MySet1”, pressing the button temporarily brings me to “MySet2” while I hold the button, and from “MySet3” the same button brings me to “MySet1”.

The effect is, that, regardless in which mode I am, color or B&W, pressing and holding one button brings me to the other. That’s just one of the incredibly handy things that you can do with Olympus’ “MySet” customizations.

The Song of the Day is “Stuck In The Middle” from the 1992 Inner Circle album “Bad to the Bone”. Hear it on YouTube.