2222 – Higher Ground II

Sometimes I simply forget where I live and how privileged I am.

Remember the last post? I had posted an image from last weekend, because it was foggy and gloomy all day and I had no desire to go out and take images.

Well, we had the same situation on Friday, but this time I took two hours off in early afternoon and drove up Dobratsch, one of Villach’s two nearest mountains.

What a difference it was. At about 1200 meters the fog started, and somewhere above 1500 meters it gave way to bright sunshine. Really, you can’t imagine what a difference in mood it makes.

The Image of the Day was taken in the same place as “74 – Out of the Fog” and
1210 – Solid Rock“, only this time I was just a tad below the upper limit of the fog.

Like in “810 – Higher Ground“, the Song of the Day is one more time “Higher Ground” by Vanessa Williams, and this time I can link to a video on YouTube.

By the way, nice number of this post, ain’t it πŸ™‚

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  1. Have found your homepage by chance, just looking for the Robin Wong pictures from the Olympus 17mm/1.8 lens. Very good pictures, very intersting site and blog. Added your site to my bookmarks.

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