2 thoughts on “2219 – Sexed Up”

  1. Actually, I recently read an article that suggested the porn industry has hit hard times; or perhaps I should say difficult times. Apparently sex doesn’t sell as well as it used to. The irony is that it was the first industry to understand the business benefits of the Internet. But now the entire industry is struggling. There’s probably a lesson in there somewhere 🙂

    Nice photo by the way Andreas.

    1. Well, their problem is the general availability of everything one could possibly want to see – for free, not because it’s pirated, but because it is made by amateurs.

      Doesn’t work with music, amateurs usually don’t sing that well. Doesn’t work with movies either, because making a movie takes much more than a camera that’s capable of it.

      The photo industry has a similar problem with the sheer number of talented amateurs. And porn, well, if one thing can be said of amateurs, than it’s their authenticity, and that’s exactly what can’t usually be said of professionals. This is a market where the amateur product for free is frequently better than the commercial product. True for the photos, and the movies, well, making a porn movie probably does not take more than a camera that’s capable of it.

      I’d say they have simply become obsolete 😀

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