2215 – Telephone

It was foggy until noon today, but when the fog dissipated, a bright sun in a blue sky was revealed. That was about the time when some problems crept up at work.

I had originally intended to do as I did yesterday, to take an hour or two off while the sun was bright, but instead I was swamped until four, and then the sun was already gone. What a pity.

I currently have the Nikon 50/1.2 AI-S up on eBay and I’ll have to ship it on Monday. Thus I was at the post office and bought some more boxes. In front of the post office, just before I went back into the car, I saw this phone booth. The impulse to take the image was the same as with the two blackboards a few days ago.

Sure, the OM-D does not have the same dynamic range as a Nikon D800E and the Olympus 12/2.0 is not as fast as the mighty Nikon 35/1.4G, but then, Mike may enjoy holding 1.5 kg in his hands, I actually prefer slightly more than a third of that. Oh yes, and for the lesser quality at high ISOs I make up with the shutter speeds enabled by this camera’s excellent in-body image stabilization. How about half a second? Handheld 😀

The Song of the Day is “Telephone” from Captain Beefheart’s 1980 album “Doc At The Radar Station”. Hear it on YouTube.

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