Nov 072012

The motto “one image per day, shot that day” had always implied “posted that day”, and I am afraid this has not been true in a long time. Basically I tend to pile up posts from Monday to Wednesday, posting them when I am on the train to Carinthia.

So it is this week, here’s the post for Monday, an image shot Monday night in front of a garden center in Vienna. Something in the arrangement of the two blackboards appealed to me.

The Song of the Day is “Listen, Learn, Read On” from the 1968 Deep Purple album “The Book of Taliesyn”. Hear it on YouTube.

  One Response to “2211 – Listen, Learn, Read On”

  1. […] I currently have the Nikon 50/1.2 AI-S up on eBay and I’ll have to ship it on Monday. Thus I was at the post office and bought some more boxes. In front of the post office, just before I went back into the car, I saw this phone booth. The impulse to take the image was the same as with the two blackboards a few days ago. […]

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