2203 – Wenn der Winter kommt II

Funny, I’ve used that title before, almost exactly a year ago. Just like then, we had an early advance of winter this weekend.

Temperatures fell by at least 15 degrees Celsius in two days, and this morning we had snow all way down to Villach, that’s down to a height of 500 meters above sea level.

I even had a centimeter of snow on our terrace. From there I have taken these three images, all three using the 75/1.8.

Tonight I’ll be heading back to Vienna. Oh my, a cold apartment is awaiting me 🙂

Just as in “1472 – Wenn der Winter kommt” (that still was in the old apartment), the Song of the Day is “Wenn der Winter kommt” (“When Winter Comes”) from the 2005 Element of Crime album “Mittelpunkt der Welt”. Hear it on YouTube.