2202 – Walking In The Park I

Yesterday I had a walk through a park in Styria, the neighboring province. The weekend had been predicted to be rainy, and so it was, although while I walked, there were only a few drops from the trees.

I walked a short round and only for slightly more than an hour, but you know how it is in autumn, there are so many details, so many fallen leaves in wild colors, lying in an infinite number of arrangements, you only have to get close and you can take images forever.

In the end I came away with twelve keepers, and although it would be the bold way and good sportsmanship to use all of them in a single blog post, I won’t do it.

I really like some of those images, at least three or four would make for good Images of the Day, and using them all together feels more like burning them.

Thus the idea is to make more than one post out of the series, and today I show you three examples for the creamy bokeh that you can achieve with the Olympus 75/1.8. This is about as creamy as it gets, in quality as well as in blurriness.

The Image of the Day was taken at f3.2, the blue berries (not completely in focus due to my fault) at f2.2 and the leaves at f2.0. All three images have been taken at or near the minimum focus distance.

To get more blur on MFT, there is only one option, namely to use a macro lens and get even closer.

Stabilization works really well with that lens. If I let the camera choose, it wants to use a minimum shutter speed of 1/160s, that being the conventional speed of one over the effective focal length. Choosing the shutter speed myself, I get away with 1/30s easily, slower if I am willing to risk having to repeat the shot.

The Song of the Day is “Walking In The Park” from the 1971 Colosseum album “Live”. Hear it on YouTube.

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  1. I just love how “true” your image of the day feels to what I might experience if there beside you.

    And then there’s the delightful discovery of that unexpected flower…

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