2191 – I Am The Winner

Weather was predicted to recover this afternoon and in a way it did. It stopped raining. Unfortunately that was all.

I left home at around 6 pm, but I soon realized that I lacked an important thing: a plan. After driving around aimlessly for a few minutes, I at least posted a letter and bought some tortelloni for dinner at the local Italian supermarket. I had already given up hope for an image when I saw this bus stop.

“Win up to 30.000€”, that’s what’s promised by an ad for some lottery game. People seem to be crazy for them, but I am not. I sometimes play the lottery when there’s a jackpot of more than 30 million Euros. I know the chances, but then, freak accidents happen and the thought of drawing tens of millions is somehow more attractive than the thought of getting “up to 30.000”. I know, probabilities are different, but so are the qualities of dreams 😀

But I won anyway: after the recently sold Nikon 70-300 VR and the Sigma 10-20, I have sold my Tokina 11-16/2.8 today, and someone else considers buying the Nikon 18-200 VR and the Nikon 35/1.8. Let’s see.

The Song of the Day is “I Am The Winner” from k.d.lang’s 2011 album “K.D. Lang And The Siss Boom Bang: Sing It Loud”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2191 – I Am The Winner”

  1. Nice shot, good color and composition. I like that it appears the euros are flying into the trash barrel! Which is pretty accurate!

    Some say that the lotteries are a tax on the stupid. But like you say, “freak accidents happen” so it is always a temptation.


    1. Thanks! At the time of taking the image I didn’t fully rationalize the inclusion of the trash barrel, but the gut feeling was along these lines 🙂

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