2190 – Your Baby Ain’t Sweet Like Mine

Today is exactly as rainy as it has been predicted. It’s probably premature to post now, maybe an image will come my way unexpectedly, but I’ll do it anyway.

Here are two reflections taken yesterday in Velden. Both have been processed in Lightroom only.

There were two problems with the image on the left. The first is the uneven degree of reflection. Reflection is stronger, the more the angle of view goes towards being parallel to the surface. If it’s flat enough, even hot air causes reflections. That’s how Fata Morganas work.

From my point of view the window pane in this image is seen under progressively steeper angles, the more I look to the left. Thus the amount of light reflected on the left side is smaller, the reflection darker. I have used a long gradient, spanning the whole window, to compensate for that. Over the gradient I have added exposure, contrast, clarity and noise reduction.

The second problem is the greenish/blueish cast. Basically the reflected light is tinted by the color of the glass pane. I have compensated for that by adding magenta and yellow via the color temperature controls, and I have done that evenly over the whole glass pane, and to a minor degree in the gradient as well.

It was a little bit different for the Image of the Day, but basically, if you want that effect, that’s how you can get it. It certainly depends on the glass, lighting, basic angle, etc, so you have to be flexible and adjust the parameters until it looks fine.

The Song of the Day is “Your Baby Ain’t Sweet Like Mine” from the 2012 Carolina Chocolate Drops album “Genuine Negro Jig”. Hear it on YouTube.