2189 – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

The sun was only predicted for Thursday, but surprisingly it decided to stop by for a visit on Sunday.

It was cool but sunny and I used the afternoon for a short walk though Velden, a tourist village on the western end of Wörtersee, the largest lake in Carinthia.

I’ve found autumn colors and an odd over-sized umbrella on a café’s empty sun terrace. It flapped in the wind and I asked myself what it would look like seen from below. Now we know 🙂

I took a series of 52 images, and only a few of them were good enough. I didn’t, but with digital captures I would have had the option to look at the shots on the LCD. On film I either wouldn’t have tried taking the shot at all, or if so, I would have stopped very much earlier, maybe getting no usable shot at all.

I’m pretty shocked that the Beatles catalog is still only available on iTunes. Thus I can only link to the CD on Amazon, and that’s why I don’t like walled gardens.

Faintly reminds me of the new lakeside restaurant in Velden that, although part of the most luxurious hotel, had so far been open to the public. From now on they “embrace the resort idea” and are “exclusive for hotel guests and residence owners“. There is nothing legally wrong with that, but to me it has a bad smell.

Hear the Song of the Day on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “2189 – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”

  1. Incredible image, and very trippy.

    What colors!

    And I had NO idea what it was but with your exploitation and persistence it is all clear now.


  2. Thanks! It was really sudden inspiration to look into the closed umbrella from below, but once I saw it, I knew that I had my image 😀

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