Oct 032012

Another beautiful day spent inside. Hmm … what can I do? Oh yeah, simple: I just need to get rich 🙂

This image was taken while I was already on the run to my train. I suppose it’s OK for that.

As in “1224 – Underneath The Streetlight“, the Song of the Day is “Underneath The Streetlight” from Joni Mitchell’s 1982 album “Wild Things Run Fast”. Hear a live version on YouTube.

  4 Responses to “2177 – Underneath The Streetlight II”

  1. Ha! We have the same to-do list 😉

    And the image is more than just “ok”.

  2. Love the image. The detail in the building overhang is really something… to put that much work into a fairly hidden area. The deep blue and the modern look of the streetlight provide great contrast,

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