2176 – When Heroes Go Down

OK, I admit, this is a truly stupid title. No hero involved, only I who could not resist a very dangerous subject 🙂

Dangerous subject? Why?

Oh, it’s just because it has been covered extensively by Karin Buerschaper (aka sediama) from Hannover, in a way that lets all my efforts pale, regardless of what I do.

Therefore, whenever I make photos of staircases, I always link to her site. If you’ve never seen her photography, please head over to her Flickr set of staircases. You’ll immediately see what I mean 🙂

The Song of the Day is “When Heroes Go Down” from Suzanne Vega’s 1992 album “99.9 F”. Hear it on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “2176 – When Heroes Go Down”

  1. Buerschaper’s work is amazing. Stairs and stairwells are not so easy to photograph well as the light is often tricky, the contrast high and the framing sometimes made difficult by curves that don’t sit well in a square or rectangular frame.
    I like your second image the best. It induces a slight sense of vertigo despite the fact that it is looking up.

    1. Well, that’s a good example of what someone focusing on a single subject can be capable of. And besides: I have no idea where she gets all those gorgeous staircases from 🙂

        1. Hmm … interesting. The more I think of it, the less I can imagine doing anything in photography professionally. Somehow it would completely kill the joy in me. Otoh, it’s not that I hate my job. Weird!

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