2150 – Just Can’t Last

Tomorrow noon I guess I’ll take two or three hours off.

Today I have worked until 5:30 pm and then waited an hour more before I finally got out. The problem is, I’ve expected a package and DHL failed to deliver.

The contents? A small light tent with two spotlights included. I’ll use it to take images of the lenses that I’m going to sell.

When I left home at 6:30, I fully intended to go swimming. I just wanted to head over to the computer store and buy a WiFi repeater first. I did that, I was back to the car as quickly as I had hoped, but it was already too late for swimming. The days are already painfully short. Well, not winter-short short, but short nevertheless.

In the end I headed for a place where I knew the sun would last slightly longer, hastily took some images, and that was it. Thus it will be swimming at noon tomorrow 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Just Can’t Last” from Natalie Merchant’s 2001 album “Motherland”. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2150 – Just Can’t Last”

  1. I can’t put my finger on why, but I really like this image. I feel I want to know more about that rider. Where’s he going,what’s he thinking…

    Perhaps it reminds me of some bicycle trials video, where the rider might leave the scene at the end of the day, having hopped his way around the rails and other such structures.

    1. Interesting. For me it’s completely irrelevant who he is, what he’s done etc. I reality of course I don’t know. He just passed by, I was lucky to have been prepared anyway, I snapped two shots and this is the better.

      For me this image has kind of a longing in it. Thus the title. But then, it’s nice to see that it sparks completely different thoughts in other people 🙂

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