2141 – Garden Of Simple

Tuesday’s images are a mixed bag. In the morning I had a meeting with a carpenter. I’ll need a kitchen in my new apartment and due to some architectural constraints it will have to be custom made.

The image of the building front was made near the carpenter’s workshop.

The other two images were taken at or near the entrance to Gänsehäufel, Vienna’s biggest bath. Well, I can’t complain about this summer. It was one of the warmest and most beautiful summers in a long time, in fact it still is, but you can already feel it come to an end.

It won’t keep me from swimming for at least another month, but the days are noticeably shorter now and the air is cooler.

The Image of the Day is my second attempt at taking an image of that corner, but this time I recognized what fascinates me: it somehow looks artificial, arranged, just like a diorama. In a certain way it triggers in me a faint association with Graeme Webb’s images.

You may totally disagree and I wouldn’t mind at all 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Garden Of Simple” from Ani Difranco’s 1997 album “Revelling/Reckoning”. Hear it on YouTube.