Aug 262012

Michael visited yesterday and left again late this morning. When I brought him to the railway station, it poured down like it since has most of the day. I needed some bread, and so I decided to drive to one of the super markets that are open on Sundays during the tourist season.

What I expected was to have trouble to find a parking lot, but that turned out to be painless. What was painful though, was to get out of it again 🙂

The Song of the Day is “It Was Raining” from the 2003 Devil Doll album “Queen of Pain”. We already had it in “1694 – It Was Raining“. Hear it on YouTube.

  4 Responses to “2139 – It Was Raining II”

  1. What? You mean all supermarkets aren’t open 24/7? They are here! Supermarket closed? I don’t understand!!! 😉

    • Think of it as a periodic crisis, occurring every weekend 🙂

      Basically that’s the way it is here. I remember times when all shops were closed at noon and when Saturday afternoon shopping was unheard of. A majority of people even likes it that way. Things are fleeting though.

  2. Terrific photograph. You’ve managed to breathe life into a commonplace scene and make it into something that sparkles, not so easy to do!

    • Thanks. In fact the key was goong b+w here. B+w gives you much more control over tonality and local contrast, and that without making the image seem unnatural.

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