Aug 222012

I saw this girl’s shoe today when I went home from work. I really had wanted to go directly to the train, but in the end I returned home and took a big paper bag with mostly empty lens boxes. As I said, I’ll get rid of all my Nikon gear (with the likely exception of the Sigma 150/2.8 Macro), and as I already have most lenses in Carinthia, it is a good idea to have the boxes in the same place. Otherwise I’ll never sell them 🙂

For the second time the Song of the Day is “Pink On White Walls” from Paul Weller’s 1995 album “Stanley Road”. The first tiem we had it in “955 – Pink On White Walls“. Hear it on YouTube.

  4 Responses to “2135 – Pink On White Walls II”

  1. Aw, some little girl – and her mom – are likely very unhappy about this! A kind person stuck it up there in the hopes that the girl and/or her parents will find it.

  2. Kindness of strangers… And now that Andreas has taken a photograph of the lost shoe maybe it will find the way home.

  3. … the beauty of decay!

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