2132 – I’m Just A Country Boy

The first thing I did this morning was to process another one of yesterday’s images. This kept me relaxed, I knew, if all else failed I’d still have an image for today’s post. It turned out out I wouldn’t have had to worry.

Driving to the lake I stopped the car near Rosegg, slightly before the power station that we had recently. It’s just a place at the edge of the forest, situated in a double bend, an opportunity to hold the car, but only if you know the place. At normal speed it’s normally too late to react. You see an interesting place from the corner of your eye and say to yourself “next time”.

Well, this time was it. After having driven by a few hundred times, I was finally aware of the spot in time, stopped and found – nothing. What had looked interesting from the corner of the eye looked plain when I stood there. But then, you have always the option to focus on the sun shining through the trees, or you just look up to the canopy and marvel at nature. Really, time and place are not so important, it’s what you do there.

The last image, the free standing tree in the pasture, framed by overhanging branches of the tree under which I was standing, that’s the image taken yesterday.

The Song of the Day is surprisingly again by Jimmy Witherspoon. Hear “I’m Just a Country Boy” on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “2132 – I’m Just A Country Boy”

  1. Andreas, it must be the slow motion – blur? – that made this spot seem magical as you drove by. But then when you stopped, so did the slow blur, and it lost its magical quality.

    I really “dig” the 3rd image – the lone tree with the sun’s light at just the right angle to bring out the three-dimensional qualities in the whole scene. It’s a lovely place and your image makes me want to go sit under that tree and just laze the afternoon away.

    1. Well, you would have to share the place with cows and you would have to be very careful about where you put your feet, and more so about where you sit down 🙂

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