2130 – Slow Your Speed

There are more of these mirrors around and once you start looking for them, they are really everywhere.

Well, not all of them have these attractive faults like blindness, but here’s a good one in Rosegg, Carinthia, half-way between Villach and the lake where I usually swim.

The Song of the Day is “Slow Your Speed” by Jimmy Witherspoon. There’s no video around, but on junodownload you can hear most of the song. Instead of providing 30 seconds samples, they just cut off the first 30 seconds and let you hear the rest.

4 thoughts on “2130 – Slow Your Speed”

  1. Goodness! I’ve never seen a mirror weather quite like this before! At first I thought this must be the stump of an old tree with some of those bracket fungi growing from it!

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