2128 – Love Is Blindness I

It’s Thursday night, I’ve been working in Villach, Carinthia. In the afternoon it has been raining and cooling down.

No images today, a small, crooked apple tree, a blind mirror and five minutes yesterday will have to do for two posts.

This is a traffic mirror, positioned on the outside of a curve, intended to make joining the road safe – only that it is blind as a mole 🙂

The Song of the Day is the U2 cover “Love Is Blindness” from Cassandra Wilson’s 1995 album “New Moon Daughter”. Enjoy it on YouTube, we’ll come back to the song in the next post.

2 thoughts on “2128 – Love Is Blindness I”

  1. Wish we had some of those traffic mirrors up on some of our roads. But of course, if they are not maintained and allowed to go “blind,” then what good are they?

    The apples, however, look ready to eat!

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